It's crazy how my soon to be x husband goes one day begging and sobbing for his family back and then the next threaten me with walking away from our sons life for good ( 15 month old ). The more he acts like this the less I would ever consider any kind of reconciliation. I still believe he is on pills and he has not done the first thing to prove he is on the road to recovery and trying to fix his problems. I know that I don't trust him and that's what I keep telling him. He wants me to give him some sort of hope and I can not and will not do that bc I can't say ill ever trust him again. Thats when the threats come out of leaving our son and mention of feeling suicidal. I believe this is the effect of the pills and I can't be consumed with his issues any longer nor can I subject my son to his instability. I told him I will go through with this divorce. It's hard but I pray God to guide me.
Penelope76 Penelope76
36-40, F
Feb 11, 2013