I found out today that I am going to be served....This came because I threatened him with reversing our pre nup.

I just want to have a fresh start, although it would be great to leave without taking anything, it is so sad that I contributed and he reaps the benefits....but I signed the pre nup, married him not because of money, but for love.

After leaving a man with a porsche and a 4000sq ft home I would like 15000 I dont think it is ridiculous.....just what i need to start over......I wont get it but it isnt fair.
I bought groceries grew his business made contacts, and paid for gifts...
At the very least I dont have to pay for the divorce....I left and it really should have been up to me to file...

So it is coming.....and I am sad...not because I miss him but because it was such a big mistake and financially i would have been so much better off finacially if I hadn't married him.....

Ultimately the money wont make me or break me...but it is pretty unfair

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Sometimes its quite hard to understand what females look in a man to get married. I have seen guys who are not of a good behavior, zero financially, but they dress up good, look good and possibly good intimately. I have seen well doing females or good household hooked up, roaming around and marrying these guys, while there are lots of other guys who in all sense is good (some may not be that build and handsome) but though visible seem like invisible to these type of females and ultimately end up in worse cases. Its sad. I hope apart from physical appearance, its time someone looks deep into other areas of life as well rather than temporary view / pleasure. My mom was yesterday talking to me about a girl who is a nurse (40Y) ended up in divorce after finding out that her husband was doing drugs. So sad.

I got them today, scared, there is a box he checked that he is going after court fees...whatever, going to see my lawyer....
I hope life gets better, I want to be happy again...i want this to be over and forget about him

The battles n struggles are so hard to get to that freedom and independence. I hope life gets better x