My ring finger feels naked.
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Sometimes its better :)

that's a start :p

it feels unchained and so free ;)

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Give yourself one year and see what naked feels like :)

Lols! She said naked! hehe!

I know how you feel. I stopped wearing mine just over a month ago and it's just starting to feel normal. I only wore it for 2.5 years though so I suppose it could be worse. Not only does my hand feel odd, but I miss the emotional feeling behind wearing it. Knowing someone loved me enough to want me forever, and that others could see that too. I took pride in wearing it and now I just look at my empty hand with sadness.

I'm sorry you feel sad. I understand. I wore mine for 11.5 years .... The emotional comfort has been gone for 2 years though.

I'm in the process of divorce. I can't even think about a future relationship at this point...

It does help! This is day 2 no ring for me. Sorry you went though this too :/

It the feeling of freedom

It's weird ....

You can buy yourself a ring to wear

Guess I need to. I feel naked and weird

You had a ring on that finger for a while,Now you can buy like a mothers ring or some other type or you can put his ring back on ( which is not really a good choice)

Or just deal..... No ring .... Is ok

Yes it's ok and you will be ok also might even be better than before in time

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