Time For An End

She's been thretening me with divorce for 20 years. I finally gave it to her.

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Just a word on this. Please please please, don't let the focus be on "finding someone new". Please allow time and freedom to grow as a person, as an individual, let your heart expand, learn new things, experience your loneliness and grow from it. Find yourself. Know yourself better. Enjoy your own company. In the process of this immensely worthwhile effort, you will find someone who will be an asset in your endeavor, she will probably be also into growing up herself. And you will be an asset for her own pursuit of personal development and growth. Otherwise we live like bacteria, effortlessly, purposelessly. (With the forgiveness of bacteria, maybe they are effortful, and purposeful, what do I know, we humans sink lower than most if left unattended). Please consider this good and hard. <br />
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I so much agree Evan, thanks.<br />
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It is terrible how much lonliness there is in this world. I've had the same happen to me. We're so busy with our lives, we don't take the time to talk and be a friend to them.<br />
I was lonely but married also and decided I could spend the rest of my life on this roller coaster of emotions or get out now and maybe find the right one to spend the rest of my life with.

Aw, I'm sorry man. I hope what you find here provides a bit of comfort. In my experience, nothing compares to the comfort that comes from praying. Really meaning what you express, really present in the moment. The single act of acknowledging your need and putting yourself in the position of receiving from a Source immensely Higher than oneself, is very powerful and empowering. Then there are all the other things, the kindnesses from people and potential friends. I am AMAZED at how lonely the world can be. It's just, it makes no sense. Why are there so many lonely people? why can't we walk up to someone and say "you look nice, can you please give me a little hand with my burden?" I notice that older people are more willing to become vulnerable like that, and I was ashamed the other day in WalMart, an 80 yr old lady was looking at makeup and asked me something about it and clearly would have had a conversation with me, but I was not really interested, and it made me feel guilty. Seek the support you need. Adequate healthy support. So your life's new direction is good for you, solid, and with a future, not just more and more drama and pain. <br />
Hug,<br />

That is so true. Life is too short.