At work crying. Today was like a hazy dream I wish I could have woke up from.
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It's ok. I was kicked out of the office because I could not stop crying last week. It's a progression.

its ok im at home crying lol. If you want to talk We can talk to eachother. if that helps you

Yeah, I read somewhere once that a manager needs to treat an employee going through a divorce as if they have had open heart surgery. It sure feels that way. So at work, I removed her pictures, and that really helped. Even a year later, I find myself in sad moments, then move on. They happen less often and are less painful each time so it's a passing thing.

I've been divorced now for about a year now. Not crying, but do regret it everyday.

Hang in there - those feelings will pass...

I can relate~been there before~I pray for healing for you~

:/ soz .. :'/