A Few Months Ago

 I told my husband I wanted a divorce in September.  The lawyer was hired at the end of September.  He moved out in the beginning of October.  Here I am in December... btw: yesterday was the first time I ever had to shovel my driveway on my own.  I felt liberated after it.  I felt like, you know, I can do this, this living on my own thing.  

Unfortunately, the divorce can not become final until the house is sold.  We've had a lot of showings, but no offers yet. *sigh* the biggest mistake was allowing myself to buy a house.  

The divorce part, for me, was easy because I knew it's what I wanted.  Not once, since he's moved out, have I missed him.  Not once have I asked myself, omg, what have I done.  

The only thing I truly struggle with is not having someone in bed with me at night, or someone to cozy up to.  But, it's not like we really cozied up to each other anymore either.   Now it's time to go out and find myself again.  Next time, I will truly know what it takes to maintain a relationship.  

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4 Responses Dec 10, 2009

Wow ....That sucks. When I divorced I gave my ex-wife the house. I knew I had to start over My kids needed a home far more than I needed the proverbial division of assets.<br />
Surefirehorse66 you are right about deadhead above. Little children with absoliutely no life experience should shut the hell up.

Demetrie ignore WTHAY - what a jerk!<br />
<br />
I know exactly how you feel. My STBX and I moved out of our house and into rentals over the Thanksgiving break in an effort to reduce the effect on the kids’ in terms of school. The move took much longer than planned (still not done unpacking) and I just moved my office from our old home into commercial space so I'm tired as heck but I don't miss him at all. The relationship had deteriorated to such an awful place that we are both better off this way. After ensuring that the kids are taken care of I too will be focusing on myself and my personal growth as I've put my needs aside for far too long. Like you I will be wiser the next time I start a relationship. Good luck to you and don’t let people drag you down because they are hurt and bitter.<br />
<br />
WTHAY you were way out of line so shut your yap and stop trying to hurt people. Why would you want to be so insensitive and hurtful when you don't like people being hurtful to you? Why do you assume a woman can’t make it on her own? For your information I also make more money than my ex which is why he is only paying minimal child supprt and no spousal support. Drop the baggage, grow up and then maybe you'll get a life.

Sure he is.

But you miss the cash, don't you?<br />
Oh wait, I forgot.<br />
You're divorcing the guy, <br />
not the money.<br />
<br />
My bad.