Losing My Car And Need Advise

After 3 years of abuse I am getting finally divorce. I feel free and relieved, But I am struggling with   my financial situation, my credit score is terrible and I have to pay 12,000dlls for my car next month. There is no Bank to wants to help me , I need my car to go to my work . Please could you give me an advise? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

Liny Liny
41-45, F
1 Response Dec 20, 2009

Sorry to hear of the difficult time you are having.<br />
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Have you gone to a Safe Haven ... or house where they will talk to you and offer information on how to get your life back on track, due to the abusive marriage and the pending divorce?<br />
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It doesn't matter what your financial situation is, or your age or anything except that you are a woman in need of advice and help because of the abuse that has caused the divorce.<br />
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Please look in your phone book or call a local church or woman's organization in your area.<br />
They are trained to help you and there is no cost, they are all volunteers.<br />
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Blessings and good luck