Husband Is Accepting The Inevitable

With his acceptance has begun a flood of money talk. One being that he does not want to pay child support for our 1 year old daughter. He wants 50/50 custody with no child support. Last night we started looking at apartments. 1 bedrooms for him and 2-3 for me and the girls. He thinks I am going to have all this extra money all the time. I wanted him to see what I was looking at facing in rent alone. I want to stay in the same school district. My daughter will probably have to start 1st grade at a new school but I like the district we are in. IE I also want his daughter to go to a good school. He was like look at this one or that one... i was like that is 40 minutes from the baby's daycare... how is that going to help me in morning and afternoon traffic I don't think he realized I had to think about those things. He just has to find a place in his budget, and the closer it is to work.. the less gas he has to budget for.  I think he started to get it. I think he knows that I know how hard this is going to be and I am facing it head on.


Thanks for listening.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

I'm sorry for your struggles.