The End Is Near .

The papers have been sent off today , This weekend we will be in different homes . 10 years of confusion , misunderstanding , sorrow , guilt and regret wil not end with a bang or even a whimper . Instead , this sad comedy ends when the scene fades to black and the curtain falls , the actors go their separate ways and only the lives we brought into this world will bind us . If any who read this have reason to doubt getting married is a good idea , then don't .
Tanengreen Tanengreen
36-40, M
4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Its hard, but when it is over please give yourself time before you jump inot another relationship of this type. Get you a special friend to keep you satified in the interium.

i hope moving on brings you some happiness xxxxx

This is how our intermission is ending , papers were in the attoney's office and all but money paid . It just hasn't worked out sfter 6 tries and we can't do this anymore . I'm numb , resigned , and ready to move on - so's she . Buddy of mine at work been married lots o times and 's been almost inspirational in his outlook on love , marriage , and the love of all women . I hope you reach a happy outcome on yours , wichever way it goes .

My husband and I are in a "paused" relationship. Papers were filed then stopped. We are healing our "selves" and then, if it is agreed that it works out, we'll move back in together. if not, then we will continue our separate ways. I'm sorry you are going through the pain of divorce. I have done that before and hate to do it again. I have to know that I've done everything I can do before giving up. I hope your intermission time will bring about a much happier ending to your next act.