I knew him for 10 weeks 2 days (72 days today) Only married him after fifty one days. Last night I left him. I was not happy, I do not love him. He was heartbroken but its okay to do whats right for me? I have both our psychiatric evaluations with both of us mentally ill I can have me marriage erased from my life. I am alone again. Ambries my only friend picked me up for $50 and we had smoked and chatted and watched "Race to WItch Mountain" with the rock. We went to sleep late but im up early. I left, tooke evrything except the cover set adn pillows (got to buy pillopw  today) maybe bed mat and sheet set too fur proof. I am going hoem to mom. I willl make it looking up affordable places i can live alone now. I have to get through my court trial and finish high school. Nashua NH is a choice to run too and start new and be happy and meet new people spend time with Jim, Sandra's father who is very ill. ALive but ill. I am sad, I left him ,,gave him $100 for minutes & other. He never called. He might have gone nuts there, or went to sleep, or went to the bar meaning hes home safe now. I worry. I fear his suicide will be my fault, i hope he makes it again. I didnt want to hurt him.But I did. Not long befreo newport knows. I can keep it to me. No rings, he wanted to keep them, he got to keep the wedding album. I took all mine so i woudlnt have to go back. I dont got $50 for pillow, scover set, matt to sleep on. Sad adn alone again. Got to make it on my own, I can...


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Sam, you're still around!