So Excited!!!!

I have not had a pet for more than a year because she went missing and I just couldnt get over it as silly as that might seem.  But she was this gorgeous cat that had such a big personality, and she was family.  My heart broke when she went.  I thought never again will I have a pet.

However I think I am finally ready, I rang up this pet shop this morning and thought its probably not likely they will have any but what do you know......................................I was looking for a black kitten, a boy, and do you know what they had.................................................................................

A black fluffy boy kitten, out of only 2 kittens that they had, is it meant to be do you think?

WOW I just cant believe it, I am so so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I havent felt this excited about anything in a really long time, for myself I mean.  I have felt excited for others just not for me and its really great.
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Thank you sugarqueen I have pics on my profile if you want to see him, i should put up some new ones cos hes bigger now but still awesome.<br />
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Thanks Journeywithin we do have lots of fun, he brings me joy, :)

Awww this is awesome Im sure you will have lots of fun with him :)

Thanks he is great , I love him heaps , I love animals so having a pet is so awesome

That sounds great! Enjoy him!

Awwwwwwwwww thanks honey that means a lot. I am very glad I have him and that he has me. I love you to CB.<br />

I have had him for almost a week now and he is so wonderful and cute and fluffy and snuggly and everything else that is great and stupid as I sound I just dont mind right now cos he is love and loved. His name is Onyx! He is my little jewel!

I did try the SPCA which is similar to a pound but they didnt have anything where I live we dont have punds and such.<br />
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I will get him nuetered just that I cant do that till he is 6 months old I looked into that the day I got him. He is only 8 weeks.<br />
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I just got him a couple of toys to play with from the supermarket so he is happy.<br />
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Thanks for your comment

haha yes not on purpose though he is having a little power nap right now and as he kept me up most of the night he could do me the curtesy of staying awake or moving so I could nap on the couch too hahahahahahahaha

awwww, I am so glad you got the little guy. Has he stratched you yet with those little kitten claws???

Awwww thank you PurplePopcorn. He is really great and this is the most peaceful I have felt for such a long time. :)

great news, a friend to bring lightness and fun. Best wishes

Thank you, he is great and he makes me smile voluntarily, no force required hahaha.

Congradulations on your kitty. Remember don't let the meat get too tough! You'll get more pound on the paw if ya snip him!

Hahaha thanks I will keep that tip in mind. And as soon as I have a name and pics you will see him.<br />
Thank you for your support and encouragement. This is the first story I have written. So I am happy that it is a good one.

I am so so so so happy. I can't wait to hear the name andsee pictures. Gaurd the white item of clothes or they will resemble a