I was in a Chinese restauraunt the other day, and I was wearing some tight clothes that don't quite fit right. And I unbuttoned the short shorts to let my belly breathe a little bit. When the waitress came over to check on us she looked at me and smiled, then she put her hand on my belly thinking I was pregnant. But when she felt her hand sink into the softness she kept her smile and said " don't stress yourself too much, you don't want to break a sweat fat girl" then she started jiggling my belly and playing with my fat. Then when I was leaving, she walks up behind me and grabs a handful of my soft belly and stuffs an egg roll in my mouth and jiggled my belly. But instead of being embarassed it exited me. I was thinking about working out, but I kind of like my soft round belly.
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ya keep it :) its beautiful

Make that belly huge and soft! :)

ohjhhh really that's hot

Grow that belly, girl! :-)

That's kind of a strange thing for a waitress to do

I would be pleased if the waitress would make such reaction to my overfed belly in the restaurant.

I'm always afraid somebody will think I'm pregnant lol...actually one guy did but I hadnt seen him since I was pretty skinny and he was really drunk when he asked that lol.

Do you like your weight gain, because I certianly love mine

Yeah I do actually

I was afraid to gain weight for a while because of my fear of being judged. But now I don't mind my big jiggly belly lol

Lol yeah. I used to diet and work out when I'd gain a few pounds but decided not to worry about it now and I'm actually happier with my appearance than I was then. I even like my belly lol.

Lol me too, my belly is my favorite part

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