Trinity Knot

I have been looking for the perfect tattoo that defines me. I think I may have found it. Trinity Knot PendantHere is a pic of it. The 3 knots stand for undying love, devotion, and passion. It was once the symbol of the sea god Manannan among the celts. This came in time to actually stand for the elements of romance. Im gonna get it on my right shoulder, on my bicep. I cant wait to do this. Hopefully, soon!
picgirl picgirl
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9 Responses Nov 27, 2007

Thanks Jessy!! It just to calls to me.


He wants me to drink whiskey hehe.

Im there with bells on!!! ;) lol

I pick up this magazine called The Pyramid Collection....and everytime I open it....I want to look at that necklace. It just calls to me....a mysterious feeling. I like it though. Its like its meant to be with me.

Picgirl can come to your tatoo party too , ok?

That is what that necklace did when i saw it..Now i can't stay out of that store.

Thats cool sweetie. I have been searching for the perfect tattoo....this just seems to fit me. It calls to me when I see it. I dont own one....but I want it tattooed on me and I wouldnt mind a necklace to wear at all times too! Something about it just defines me.

I wear one with green/amber in the center at all times, don't know why.