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Long story, try to shorten...I was on an endurance horse race having the best ride ever. I looked back to check with my girlfriend when my left foot hit a tree, lost a stirrup, tried to adjust my balance when I leaned to the right and my body caught a tree. I landed on the ground. I schattered the humerus and broke the radius of my right arm, stretched my brachial plexus with severe nerve damage to the medial and ulnar nerve. I broke my radius of my left too. I had reconstruction on my right elbow and he aspirated the left arm on August 5th. The healing process was going good but range of motion was limited even with PT. On Nov 18th, I had another surgery to remove hardware, the goal to achieve better range of motion. I was on a CPM for 6 weeks for 23 hours a day. I did gain better range of motion, but I was having excruciating pain and dislocation. My last follow-up visit, Feb. 14th, X-ray revealed that the elbow was avascular nercosis. The doctor is researching and talking with some colleagues on my option. He gave me two at this visit. One, fixation of the elbow or replacement. He gave me the pros and cons. I elected on the replacement. I have a EMG on Feb 22 to see if I have any improvement on my nerve damage as whatever surgery we do will involve the ulnar nerve. I have had no feeling in my pinkie and ring finger since the fall. I have no feeling in the tips of my other two fingers plus little grip, my hand is a skeleton as is some of my forearm. I have no feeling in different parts of my arm up to my shoulder due to the brachial plexus injury. The story to continue........
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I had a bad fall in Oct.2009 and shattered my elbow "like a teacup" according to the trauma surgeon. He did a total elbow replacement. I found recovering from the surgery easy, but I have had constant pain in my hand. Of course it's my right hand which is my dominant hand. I have had every possible test, tried every possible nerve drug and nothing has worked. It has pretty well stopped my life. I have been to 3 neurologists and none have been able to help. Can't even get anyone else to see me once they have looked at my records. My finger tips feel like I have tiny needles sticking in them. I can't even hold a magazine for a few minutes or I am in serious pain. I wear a tight spandex glove at all times. For some reason the tightness seems to ease the pain a little. Still, by about 10 0'clock every night I am ready to scream because of the pain. I don't know where to turn, I am 66 and otherwise healthy but I can't stand the idea of living another 10 of more years like this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Carol

hi Carol,
I had the teacup thing and the same operation one week ago. very painful but its getting less. I cant imagine how hurt and angry I would be if I was still getting severe pain after a long period of time it must be horrible.
If you have tried all the normal ways of eleviating the pain why not try an alternative.
My mother is a spiritual healer. She just hovers her hands over people and cures them. She has been giving me healing this last week and it has been incredible. I can actually feel things moving into place in my elbow while she does it. The first time I had healing for an hour and it made me go into a deep sleep immediatly after. When I woke my pain was a quarter of what it had been.
Im not sure where you live, or wether you believe in this "mumbo jumbo" but it works and must be worth a try.
maybe have alook for reputable healers in your area.
all the best, Skratt

Thank you for your response and support. As the story continues...I had my EMG test this week. It was not good news. The ulnar nerve is showing no improvement and the radial nerve is more damage then the previous test 6 mos ago. The doctor is scratching his head on what to do. I had already had the ulnar nerve transfer with the first surgery. We are having a meeting 3/7 to discuss options. The nerve doctor talked of nerve grafts but it would be the surgeon to make the call. She could not determine what kind of damage the nerve was in. Ugh. It's a tough call for me on the options for more repair, pain and limited motion or go with total replacement with weight limitation and the concern of future replacements at my age 47. Also, a life changing job of a horse barn manager and riding horses. What could and/or would I do:(.

hi Empire,
hows it going ? did you have the replacement ? Im the same age as you and my life has just been changed somewhat by my accident and having an elbow replacement last week.
I am interested in hearing your experiences and wish you all the best in recovery of body and mind.

want to wish you the best on your surgery...i also had ulner nerve transposition surgery with the elbow replacement. i had the same numb pinky & ring finger as you do & today it's gone. my surgeon & resident told me after the fact that the total elbow replacement is the most excruciating surgery you can go through & the first several days were quite rough, but after a few months it all paid off & i have excellent range of motion & no numbness or tingling in my hand anymore. just want to prepare you that you may think you made a mistake having this surgery at first, but give it some time & will pay off. let me warn you though, that you have a 5-10 pound weight limit for life on that arm...can be quite difficult in airports & grocery stores!!!

my fiance is in terrible pain with his elbow & also has the finger numbness. His surgeon has advised the only way to go is elbow replacement but from the stories he has heard he is very concerned that it won't work & will leave him unable to do anything normal, i would just be happy that he is out of pain & am willing to do what ever it takes for that to happen even if that means waiting on him hand & foot for the rest of his life although he will only be 47 in July. Where was your surgery done as the opperation seems to be quite rare.

hi kendra,
thank you for posting your positive experience. I have just had my op. Did you experience the springy arm sensation I describe above ?
all the best, Skratt