Tomorrow I am getting braces. Any tips??
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Hey you got braces... dang things hurt like hell right? Watch candy and hard food consumption... foods like that can easily brake your braces and repairs are a lot of money

You better eat your favorite hard candy today. d: Or chew gum. Your gonna miss it.

I'm gonna pig out on popcorn today

Don't buy your trousers so large. Oh, sorry, I thought you said BRACERS. Sorry about that - I'm in a particularly bitchy mood right now. My sub's going to suffer when he gets home from the office!

no bj's

the first day is a breeze it will be awkward to eat but the 2nd and 3rd day will suck and wear a mouth-guard if you play sports even if you feel stupid

Ok, first off, congrats, it will take a while but soon enough you will have an amazing and perfect smile.
1. They are going to hurt, not getting them put on but within the first few hours and then for a few days your mouth and teeth are going to ache. You may need to stick to soft foods while you adjust to them.
2. Gum is a pain, they tell you not to eat it, I did, most of the time it was ok but it does and will get stuck, along with taffy or really chewy sticky stuff.
3. Don't even try corn on the cob, even if you succeed its a mess you will regret later when you have spent 3 hours getting it all out of your teeth.
4. when you get re-adjusted, it will be painful, it will need time to adjust as well.
5. ABSOLUTELY follow the orthodontists' instructions. I had it all, head gear, elastics, and often I was "too cool" for that stuff and honestly in turn it prolonged my time with braces which is not fun. If he/she tells you to do something, try to do all you can to follow it as much as possible.
6. Good Luck!

Thank you! I have a question though. Is it true that you can still have gum with braces but it has to be sugar free!

To my knowledge, yes, you can the sugar free would be the best option because you would not want a small amount of sugar being stuck somewhere in or around your braces causing you to have a cavity. The best thing to do is find a brand you feel good with chewing. I could not do gums like hubba bubba or juicy fruit, Its' been so long for me now LOL but with so many new brands I am sure some would be ok, I think I used to chew Extra when I was your age.

I usually chew Trident which is already sugar free, and it's the only kind of gum I chew, so I guess it works out fine.

yes that does work perfectly. I am sure you will be fine. I personally could never give up my gum :) LOL

chewing some right now... so yes

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The first few days are pure hell
Ive had mine for bout 2 years

When are you getting yours off?