I was suppose to get them Thursday but their was a mix up so Im getting mine the coming Wednesday. I have a few questions

1. What colors should I get for the braces? I have dirty blonde hair and green/blue eyes and glasses.

2. Will it affect my voice? I'm a singer so will my voice sound different?

3. Will it affect how I play? I play the clarinet and I must know if it will affect how I play it.

4. You know the elastics, not the ones that get changed every 6-8 weeks, the ones that you remove after each meal, where do you get them? Does your orthodontist give them to you or what? How does that work?

5. How will it affect me wearing makeup on my lips (lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick)? Should I put some lip balm on before I get braces?

6. How many times should you brush a day? I usually do twice a day but once in a while I forget to do them at night.

7. (This is my moms question) How much did your braces cost and what kind do you have??

Comment below answers to these questions! Thanks😘
xTorix xTorix
16-17, F
Aug 23, 2014