The Coldest Feet

about two years ago i started a job. the first few months consisted of me learning the ropes and getting the hang of things. my relationships with the other staff was pretty much on a high and bye basis and i really didn't like the job so i didn't really bother to get to know them all that well. there was a guy in particular that i would work with but we always happened to not be in the same shift and wouldn't work together long ( maybe 1/2 hr twice a week). a few months after that we my schedule changed so we were working one day out of the week together. now at first he seemed like any other guy working there but when i least expected it i started looking and feeling a different way about him. these were the strongest feelings that i have ever felt toward someone and i just didn't know how to handle i that thinking about it now. every time he came next to me or started talking to me or even looked at me i would just freeze up and go completely silent. soon enough my schedule changed again and i didn't see him at all.
i just wish i had the cohona's( hope that iyou spell it) to at least have talked to him. ( like have a real conversation and not a whole bunch of nervous small talk)
bemmie bemmie
18-21, F
May 13, 2012