Easter Feast

Today for Easter I had over 100 Oreo cookies with a Reese Cup in the middle, with chocolate covering it. I feel so bloated and I need to rub my aching belly. I ate more food today than I have ever eaten. I can feel all the fat pulsing through my body making me bigger,fatter,more attractive. I had at least 6 plates of fatty ham, buttery mashed potatoes, fattening corn, meatballs, breads, and chocolate. My aunt made this delicious dessert, it was Oreo cookies covered in butter than mashed up, a rich peanut butter and whip cream layer, a chocolate layer that was so yummy, and then on top more buttery cookies with a chocolate sauce over it. I had a whole cheesecake, lots of pop and chocolate bunnies. My pants ripped, the button flew off, and my shirt ripped at the seams. I absolutely loved today and I think I might eat even more now. What else should I eat?
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Impressive!!! You must have hollow legs :)

You did good....real good! :D

Anything you can grab!

Another cheesecake and more ham!

All that you can piggy! All that you can!

What ever you want you should have..you seem to love eating and you should do as much as you feel contented in eating..just know that it is exciting to read about someone with so much passion!!!


id love to see you belly after that collosal feast! ;)

Ohh.. yum! Add me!

Message me I'd love to talk

Add me please

Way ahead of you I had one already, now I'm eating some left over pizza and fries.

Sound like the perfect woman to me. I love when a woman eats like that, gains weight, it's so feminine, and sexy.

Yes it is!

My, you have an appetite to be admired...by me! :)


Eat it all!

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I think you should eat something else, how about a nice big milkshake. I make a great one that has about 4,000 calories. I could help you become more attractive, more beautiful, and more sexy too. All you have to do is eat what I give you. You'll get fat for sure!

No doubt! :)