I just ordered a large pizza and large cheesesticks from a local pizza place and topped it off with an entire two liter of soda. My stomach is so full and I can barely sit up or breathe. I managed to get up to weigh myself and I clocked in at 184, I gained six pounds since this morning. My parents give me $150 a week for food so it looks like I'll be eating like a horse again, hopefully I'll keep packing on the pounds. My girlfriend told today me that I am porking up and I tried on my size 32 dress pants and I can't button them now. Here's to obesity!
growingbellyboy growingbellyboy
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 29, 2014

Your GF is helping you getting fatter?

No, she has no idea that I want to gain weight, she just noticed that I've gained weight recently

She and I do not live together as of now, and she doesn't know yet but I will tell her soon once I at least have a good feeling that she won't just break up with me.