I am genuinely not understanding what my ******* problem is recently
charlieedwards charlieedwards
22-25, M
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You also don't need to use profanity to express that issue. Using it did not enlighten you in any way obviously.

You have your ******* way of expressing you cunty self, I have mine. Move the **** on you useless bastard....
Don't **** with me when I am pissed off I will deal with **** the way I want to don't like it don't look

Using profanity will not make you an adult and it certainly won't make that 2 inch, permanently wrinkled penis of yours any bigger either. Only morons and imbeciles feel they have to curse in order to seem powerful but all it shows is just what weaklings and cowards they are. You are a failure and will always be a failure and a disappointment to anyone stupid enough to count on your for anything. You must drink a lot too. Loser.

Ahh how cute, that's why I have a potential future in playing rugby, am heading for the royal marine commandos, have been pushed through the system into senior roles in every job I have ever had...
It's funny how using a swear word makes me a coward and weak yet lashing out by using, ineffective (at best) insults about the size of my member and my personal life... Oh and you are right I do drink a lot, I drank last night had a fair few pints... Felt I deserved it though since I hadn't let a drop of alcohol or other harmful fluid past my lips for over 2 months! Thanks for the support, me and my training will be going just fine!

You see I can refrain from swear words and act like you, however when I am pissed off I like to swear... It's a lovely release!

There it is.

There what is?

You expressed yourself as an intelligent person would, without using profanity. I just acknowledged that. You are who you are but your words are more powerful when you don't use profanity and it also will get much more respect for you especially in a professional work environment and around older people. If that matters to you of course. Most people want to be respected.

If you had realised and used your common sense you would have realised that I was using swearing as a release, since I talking like I normally do just doesn't cut it

Common sense dictates that you express yourself with relevance. Apparently your mindless rantings of profanity did not accomplish anything as your second post shows. Proper and acceptable communication does not include or need profanity.

Stop trying to be a smartarse and **** off... Oh yeah thats right holy crap he swore again!

I don't have to TRY to be smart I am smart. You're very immature. You can't handle a simple communication without turning right back to profanity although it does nothing really and it is not remotely impressive. You made a note about your plans and there will be demands made on you that using all the profanity in the world will not ease and if you use profanity against a superior you're either punished or punished and pushed out of service or that job, and if you use it against a fellow of the same rank there could be a physical confrontation with the same results. You still just don't get it. YOU need to grow up.

I don't need to grow up, I can be as professional as I ******* need to be, what NEEDS to happen is for YOU to **** off, that's right, funnily I don't have much respect for a random **** on the internet who is faceless and first words to me were that of criticism. You sir, need to stop being that annoying little **** and learn when being 'smart' is needed and/or appropriate.
Now if you will kindly do me the absolute honour of leaving a short short reply saying goodbye that would be much appreciated. I would rather have none at all but I don't get the feeling that you role that away

So running away is also a weakness of yours. You must be very proud of yourself. Now I know for certain that you are a coward just as I noted earlier. That's two. No one is forcing you to keep responding, you are CHOOSING to do so. You don't want answers then don't post again. Even you can handle that simple fact.

You just don't get it do you?
I could be anyone, I could be inches away from death everyday and you would know, I am not of course but I can tell you now I am no coward.
The only coward is you, you hide behind this persona you have created for yourself online, you don't even have a photo of yourself -which I am guessing is because you are too ashamed to show the world what you really are

You build yourself around carefully chosen words and you write in a specific way to create an image that you are a powerful, suited man, who controls many people and can be extremely imposing on all those who don't conform!
When in reality you are almost certainly a fat man, who spends his time on the internet, picking fights with people who you deem to be unworthy of reaching your standards.
This is why you will forever be a failure in my eyes, you didn't try and talk me round to doing anything, you just told me I was wrong and that the only reason you had for this was my profile age and your twisted moral compass. You have no authority over me, you never will and I can promise you that if you think your little act has impressed me then you are sorely mistaken.

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