******* My *****

Tonight I am going to **** my Hot *****…

My **** is hard and I am going to slide this big hunk of meat deep into her hot, horny *****. Spreading her legs and placing them on my shoulders I will position the head of my hard **** at the hot opening of her ****. Slowly I will apply a little pressure as I start to slide into her. And then I will force my **** in her to the hilt. My hard **** throbs deep inside her *****. I get a good grip on her ****, pulling & squeezing the nipples, I start to **** her hard, the way she likes it. I want to make sure she feels every inch of this hard ****. I squeeze her **** harder as I continue to **** her ***** as hard and as deep as my **** will allow. She is whimpering and moaning & groaning as I continue to assault your *****. She belongs to me and I will **** her anyway I desire. Soon I feel her hot liquid gushing onto my hard ****. That only drives me to try and **** her harder and deeper. I love making her gush on my ****. I push your legs further up so I can try and get even deeper into her sweet ****. I want to push my whole body into her **** hungry *****. I watch her face as I continue ******* her as hard as I can. Her whimpering is driving me into a frenzy. There is nothing I like better than listening to my **** being ****** even if it is by me. Now the only thing that exists is my **** & her *****. I feel her bearing down on my **** which means she is going to release more juices onto my ****. I feel the hot flow as she gushes onto my **** once again. Now I can feel the *** in my balls ready to explode inside her wet, hot *****. I release her **** and grab her hips and pull her closer into me as my *** starts to erupt into that hot luscious ***** of hers. All time has stood still just for a few seconds as my load of *** spews deep into the further reaches of her *****. Finally my **** is empty of ***. Her ***** is drenched with my *** and her own juices. As all sensations recede I slowly pull my hard **** out of her well ****** *****. I roll over and she rolls over onto me and precedes to take my **** in your mouth. She will suck & lick making sure she gets all the *** off my ****. She loves the taste of ***. I love her mouth on my **** after I have ***. I love watching her clean my **** with her tongue & mouth. Now I have one satisfied ****…my wife.

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Very arousing story!can you do it to me?

I dearly love hot ***** wives...especially if they are shared with other men.