A Slow But Steady Process

I am getting happier day by day.  Happiness is frame of mind.  I know too many people who, despite financial security, wonderful lovers, great jobs, are all miserable with themselves.  On the other hand, you can go to poverty-stricken areas of the world where people eek out basic survival and meet individuals who have maintained a quiet composure concerning the basic dignity of existence. 

But it is difficult.  We are trained to not be happy, to always need something or someone.  Every morning now I thank the almighty for my life and for one more day to live on this planet, to better it and myself.   I ask that I be led (in no particular order) to life, liberty, love, and laughter.  I find that ever so slowly I am getting happier about my place here, and I am deeply appreciative of that. 
Seraph1m Seraph1m
26-30, M
4 Responses Feb 11, 2007

Thanks for the reccomend. I just ordered it. Because Amazon is my best friend =-).

It is a good thing you got going. Sometimes I wonder if life was happier back in the old days when there was no media to tell you what you should have and how to act. I also wonder with some of the improvements we have today to better life, if that would have made life back then happier than it could be now. Hmmm, that is a thinker, lol.