Married Again

With so many women in affairs today and divorce so easy I think you;ll see a dramatic, if not already, increase in the number of women with multiple marriages.  Women in record numbers have embraced adultery and the fallout is more divorces, and yes, more marriages.  I just remarried and am in my fourth marriage.  I have one girlfriend that just recently filed for divorce in her third marriage, one that just married for the third time.  And several in their second marriages.  Why keep getting married?  I like marriage, I like having a husband.  There a lot of aspects of marriage I enjoy.  But at the same time, when I see some guy I want I go after him.  There are so many men out there a girl just can't pass up.   So......there are periods of time I enjoy marriage, and periods of time I want my freedom.   Final result: Four marriages. 

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opting to not get married might be a better solution to your serial marriages. i'm only getting married again for the legal advantages, but I'd planned to stay with my boyfriend forever. maybe when you meet the guy you know you want to be with when you're old, you should get married again. but i'm not sure i understand getting married when you intend to divorce again. it's ok just to live together.

I am on my fourth marriage myself. And sometimes I would like to kick myself in the butt because I did it again.<br />
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What's so strange is, after I got married for the fourth time I found myself wanting to find more opportunity to talk and see other women even more. I have often thought about filing for a divorce and moving on in my life. I just love women. It is very hard to stop although I am married. My wife is a very good person but, I am still having trouble dealing with married life. <br />
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I think that multiple marriages may suggest that maybe you are to be single because of how you look at marriage every time you are with your spouse. I truly can say that I wasn't in love when I got married. And, I have also made it known to my wife. I think that I want to experience more than just being married. I have often thought about getting into swinging. My wife and I have been married for 5yrs. And I can honestly say that I have not been faithful.

you are at an age were you should think first,of what you are you get older ,it will not be so easy.

So true blondevamp. Husbands today have truly become disposable. Congrats Becoming on your new marriage. And your so right. So many women today have had multiple marriages. Everyone has at least a couple of divorces under their belt.

Hey, we live in a disposable society. So many women now are discovering husbands are disposable too. Divorce is easy. Changing husbands has never been easier.

You make a number of excellent points. All my close girlfriends are like yours: in an affair, separating, filing for divorce, or making plans for yet another marriage. I'm certain I'll end up with numerous marriages myself. I just recently ended my first marriage. And to be quite honest, just like you, I think there will be periods of time I enjoy being married and times when I want my freedom. Life is too short not to go after what you want. I well know if I remarry and find some one outside the marriage I'm attracted to I'll go through the cycle again. Congratuations on your fourth marriage. You're so right! Women with multiple marriages are becoming so prevalent today.