I Feel So Lucky!

In one week I am marrying my best friend. We've been together three years, weve already survived living 3 hours apart, then me smuggling him into my college dorm nightly, then post college extreme poverty, and then an unexected blessing of parenthood!
I have dated jerks in the past and had a rough life but he treats me so well, that I can't believe I ever settled for anything less. He has made me smile every day since I met him,no matter how crappy the day is. He is definitetly more good looking than me! He is equally involved in our housework and nchildcare and always makes time for family despite working full time third shift. He is very silly and smart, and just fun to be around. I am his first girlfriend too which is a fact we both love. Hes not perfect but hes mine and I love him so much!
We have been struggling financially but we used our tax returns and some leftover college loan to pay for us to have a very nice wedding.
Madonnababy Madonnababy
26-30, F
Sep 24, 2012