Premarraige Nausea

But not because I'm nervous. I'm getting married in a week and so far I'm doing just fine in that department. Yes, I know, I'll be humming a different tune when the day gets here!! What makes me sick are all the people who are now finding out that I am to be betrothed are telling me that it'll be the biggest mistake of my life. I've heard everything from " Have you bumped your head?" to " I give 2 months and you'll be wishing you hadn't made that step!". How can people be so rude and blind to others feelings. Those are not the things that I want to hear. " Well, good luck with that one!" Those are not the words that inspired me to get married, and although I'm not about to change my mind I don't appreciate someone saying it to me. Of course, the ones saying these hurtful things are the one who have a negative outlook on life in general and it probably had something to do with their divorce, but they blame on their partner for being neglectful to their needs!! Everytime I go to work there is this one elderly man that has been married and divorced 3 times gives me another excuse for why I should get married. But this man also told me that I had completely messed up my life by getting pregnant. No wonder I wasn't suprised when he told me his kids won't have anything thing to do with him. His bitter outlook on my marraige pushed me even further to making it last forever. I have heard so many excuses for not getting married, but I only need on excuse to get married: I love him!
Luci Luci
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You're right in saying their comments are coming from a place full of left over bitterness and resentment over their own failed marriages. While not every marriage works, just because theirs didn't doesn't mean they have a right to verbally trash yours. You know if what you're doing is right, and if it is, simply say to them, "I'm sorry your marriage didn't work, but I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure mine will and I know it's the right thing to do."

DON'T LISTEN to anyone but you! Your heart and gut will answer your own fears and anxietys about marriage. You will be happy and there will be hard times but that is what it is all about. Enjoy this wonderful gift of love that you have been blessed with! I am getting married in 9 months and can not wait to share the rest of my life with my soul mate. You will be happy if that is what you project out to the universe that you want. LAW OF ATTRACTION! Give out what you want. feelings and all. Things negative about it and negative will come. Think positive and positive will come. Start thinking about your vows. not the other stuff =) good luck! you deserve to be happy so enjoy it!

Well, to counteract all the negativity, I'd like to say I REALLY like your ending "excuse for getting married" being that you LOVE HIM! That was beautiful, and a most wonderful " EXCUSE" to want to marry anyone!

just for her quickness to judge, if you were ever to get a divorce I'd tell her she gave you a complex about your marraige and that is why it ended!! Mean and to the point just like her comments.

I know what you mean. My "best friend" was never happy for me when I told her I was getting married. It was like "Ohhhh, that's nice..." Since then she has told me several times that I am just happy now, but that joy will fade with time and she has ZERO faith in my marriage lasting. I said "Well fine, if I ever do get divorced, you can say "I told you so."