My Wedding!!!

I am super excited for my wedding!! we are starting to make plans, like picking what our cake looks like, people helping/in the wedding, my dress, venues, colors, ect. I love how my fiance wants to help with the detail, most men i have met are always letting the women do it all. I'm scared but excited and depressed and all kinds of emotions. lol. I'm depressed because the groomsmen's side is his best friend, brother and my brother. and my side is my sister, his sister(which hates me!!) and my brothers g/f(i put up with her.) i don't have a best friend to put in my wedding. and also my oldest brother probably won't show because his wife doesn't allow him to see or speak to us. and my fiance's mother wants to help with EVERYTHING, which i don't mind, but shes leaving out my mom. any suggestions, i'm open to them!!

alone08 alone08
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2009