Im a little nervous about it but I am also excited. I have gotten peircings so I am not worried about the pain. I have always wanted one but never sure what I wanted. I now have two children and I think their names would be perfect. That is something I wouldnt look back on in 15 years and regret.

I want in in the middle of my back below my neck. Maybe two joining hearts with their names.

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2 Responses May 12, 2007

I have just had a memorial tattoo on my back in the same place that you are thinking about, I had never had a tattoo and I was apprehensive more about the pain than anything, ( I am a total coward lol )Anyway I had it done and it hurt like blue blazes but the reason for having it sustained me and now I have it with me for always, I think you will be fine and very proud that you did it after, as I am .<br />
love and peace.

Careful its addivtive hehehe