Gettin One Too

I am  gonna get one too, on my back. It took a long time to decide but I finally figured out what I want, I decided a tiger with wings surrounded by fire with my sons names on each wing.I  think I will be ok with the pain, but I am still nervous about how much it will hurt.I saw a picture of someones tattoo with UV reactive ink and it looks cool.The only problem is that when I have the money I forget to go get it done,so I think I will just make an appointment after a payday so I wont forget.
blackcat blackcat
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3 Responses May 27, 2007

I completly agree with lostcancerian. All kids of people have tattoos. "Low lifes and criminals" that is just a stupid blanket statement to make that is totally untrue. <br />
I would just take some time to think about what you want. And, to me, having your kids names on your body for the rest of your life is just another way of honoring their life. <br />
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So blackcat. go ahead and schedule that apointment! And I have heard that it doesnt really hurt in that spot. Good luck. Keep me posted.<br />
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I am getting mine in a couple weeks at a tattoo party.

I actually regret not getting one 20 years ago when I wanted to.

wow, i am still arguing with swagon here... and i see it as a growing thing. <br />
it is your body, your beautiful body they are right on that, but what is so bad about detailing it with wonderful artwork that makes you happy? <br />
tattoos classify no-one. there are races and civilizations all over the planet that have tattoos for different reasons. some reasons are spiritual, others cultural and they go on. your idea is an image of true beauty. there is nothing wrong with wanting to put the 2 lives closest to you on your body. hell, they were IN your body... you are not a mindless sheep, not a loser for wanting a tattoo and to think that they have asked people wanting a tattoo to read the post with an "open mind" is astounding to me when they are so quick to judge and stereotype. <br />
do what makes you happy my friend. they do not have to see the tattoo, nor is it on their body- therefore--- you guessed it, not their choice and not important.