A Little Lost..

I just started working on my masters in child development. I recently graduated with a BA in psychology. My classmates all seem to have a background in child development or already have experience working with children. I just started my first real daycare job and it's all so overwhelming trying to adjust to a new school, new job, and new city where I don't know anybody. I've been questioning whether I really belong in these classes, whether I am smart enough to handle these assignments, whether this is really worth it. Is it normal to question these things in the beginning??
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2011

It is so normal to be questioning yourself at first. I have done the same exact thing! I have been working towards a masters degree in education, and every semester the workload, the amount of reading, and the assignments seem to be impossible to accomplish. However, every semester I get through it all somehow and I end up getting an A! I amaze myself and you will amaze yourself too! You will find ways to make it work and your interest in your field will keep you motivated and inspired. Keep it up and don't give up! Have faith in yourself.

I think many people wonder about these things in the beginning and sometimes even when they have experience. It shows that you're really preoccupied with what you do and doing it well. I actually feel the same way sometimes - I'm in a psychotherapy training group and have several colleagues who are more advanced than me (I'm in my first year) and some are already practicing. It feels overwhelming sometimes and I often question my skills. I'm also aware that these skills are always growing and I can learn a lot if I'm open to it. So I think the important thing is not to give up if this is something you're passionate about. You can always use the fact that others have more experience than yourself, as a learning opportunity. Best of luck!