I Am An Old Man

last month I had a birthday, not just one year older, but one that puts me in the next age group! I think it is the last age group listed. Several months ago I joined EP in order to meet a jack off budy. I have ED & canot get it up, so I figured if a guy could let me watch him jack off, the least I could do is suck his **** and balls, well, no one came through that was in the same time zone So I uped the antie, and offered my butt up to any takers. Still, no one in the same time zone came forward. Now the point of this story. I decided to start checking out guys in the supermarket, figuring I could meet a decent guy in the check out line. But what do I discover? Old men with scragiley face hair, sandles with white socks, horrible looking legs, bent over at the waist, many ponds over weight, ugh! there could never be an attachment of my mouth and their ****! And then what do I discover? walking past my full length moirror on the landing: THEM! I am and is one of them! 40 pounds over weight with the over hanging belly fat, the horrible legs that are all red below the knees, the red pocked face and nose, the hammer toes. So now I conclude I wont get to suck **** and my sex life will consist of ****** of twinks jacking off & wasting their ***
iamasissyboy iamasissyboy
61-65, M
2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I understand.
I`m almost there, it takes a bit butt some how I manage to get it up .
We are what we used to call them OLD.
Butt we can still have our fun too, just have to find the rite people !!!

Don't be so hard on yourself - beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I've found myself attracted to older men quite often, sometimes even much older than myself. Unfortunately, I've got a bit of a submissive nature in the bedroom, but I know there are more like me who would love nothing more than to have a guy like yourself who will enjoy sucking him dry ;). <br />
<br />
For the record, if it were me responding, I would not only let you watch me and please me, I'd return the favor even if you have ED - everyone deserves a little worship once in a while :).

I love your comments, &amp; thank you,you are so young I am old &amp; over weight and decrepited, but if we were neighbors I could keep your balls &amp; **** satified while you go partying. I would love to swallow your ***