I'm Getting Older... Perhaps Not Wiser

There was an “incident” at my house during the installation of a stand-by generator. The electricians wired a hot lead into the wrong place and what resulted was 220 volts running through the whole house. That burned out many of the appliances and electronics, actually anything that was not surge protected. The company agreed to replace everything. Everything was replaced within a couple of weeks except for the oven. I cook. I love to cook (and eat my creations)! I need my oven. The company was not about to spend $1,800 to replace the oven. They’d already lost money on the job due to replacing a couple of thousand dollars worth of my electronics. They were going to repair the existing oven. One week into this deal two guys arrived and removed my oven promising to have it back by the middle of next week. The company stalled. Two months later the oven was repaired and reinstalled. I was not a happy camper but I went on a cooking rampage, roasting stuffed chicken, crown roasts, half a ham, a boneless leg of lamb, all my favorite main courses.
The event….
One morning soon after the oven was returned I heard a high pitched beeping as I passed through the kitchen. My hearing is less than perfect… too many concerts and work around large printing presses….. so I couldn’t locate the source of the beeping. It went on all day and I became more and more frustrated at my inability to locate the source of this annoyance. Late that evening, after the silence of the boonies descended once again, I unplugged all the kitchen gizmos and moved slowly around the kitchen. I stood and then kneeled at each of the 16 grid points I’d established and listened carefully. Approaching the oven I finally determined that the sound was definitely located in the oven! Ah success!
I’m a smart boy with lots of bleeding edge IT experience. I diagnosed the problem. Damn those electricians! No doubt they had not repaired the oven properly and some incompatibility between the new circuit board and the unburned electronics in the oven was causing this beep. Well, by God they were just gonna hafta get their butts over here and replace the wretched thing. I called their office at close to 9:00 pm. Normally I’m fairly laid back but that incessant beeping was driving me crazy and I didn’t have a human to pat my head and tell me it’ll all be okay so I left a blistering complaint on their answering machine demanding instantaneous service implying dire consequences should there be any delay in their response.
7:00 am the next morning, before I’d made coffee and while I was still wandering around in my skivvies the driveway monitor sounded (yeah I like to know when someone is on the long drive approaching my house). Going to the door I saw the electrician’s van pull into the visitor’s parking area. I ran upstairs to put some pants on and managed to be at the door when one of the three young men rang the bell. The dam beeping was still going on and I was going to get satisfaction from these guys or know the reason why. I opened the door with an air of authority, secure in my righteous anger and fully puffed up with self importance. “Okay guys I don’t want the runaround this time just take the damn oven out and bring me another one… post haste!” is my opening salvo. Two months without an oven is not acceptable and I’m not gonna let these young whippersnappers stall me this time!
“We’re very sorry about this Mr. NDD. We’ll get right on it.” Cool!!!! I guess a bit of righteous anger can be useful at times.
The young men went into the kitchen and heard the beeping. One turned to the others and smiled. Oh no…. I didn’t like the look of his grin. What’s going on here? He’s not supposed to be smiling. He nonchalantly walked over to the oven and pressed one of the switches set flush into the control panel and the beeping stopped! Turning back to his fellows he said “Okay guys we’re done here”. I’m floored. “What? What did you do? This thing is broken! You need to really fix it!” The young man smiled a very small smile and replied, “It was just the timer sounding Mr. NDD. You never turned it off the last time you used the oven.” Deflated and highly embarrassed I thanked them and walked them to the door. Once outside they burst out laughing. Whoops of amusement and full out belly laughs loud enough to frighten the deer filled the woods around my house. It’s 7:15 am and I need a drink!
Crap! I don’t think I’m gonna like getting old!
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7 Responses Jul 21, 2010

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - this is exactly what I needed today - a good BELLY LAUGH! I am SURE I have done things like this - maybe I will share one from my pre-teen days someday on here because it is too funny (but fairly embarrassing!).<br />
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That was priceless - I can not wait to tell my parents on the long car ride tomorrow!!! I could see my mom doing something exactly like that!

that is halarious, sounds very much like a couple of things that have happened to me. but no need to discuss that. lol <br />
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Wondering if they talked more about the timer or the smock..

FJM... I admit it! The whole deal was hilarious... at my expense. I know that story has been told and retold by all of the tradesmen in my small neck of the woods. Hell, I've even told the story so I have no complaint when the ridiculous story of the "Righteous NDD" is told once again. I'll never live it down. LOL

Well, at least you know how to work the timer on your stove now. I always just time stuff with my phone (since I don't know most of its other features) and it shuts itself off after a minute. Problem solved. Of course then I have to remember what it was I was timing. :-/

Pride???? I was brought very low here. My face was red for a week and that humbling experience of more that a year ago is still fresh in my mind. I'm not sure I learned anything but I have hopes that I won't indulge in any repeat performances of such self-righteousness!

*giggles*<br />
<br />
I thought it was pride that went before a fall...