Loving All Of Me

I live in an older house. The floors have bad spots in them, I had all these pretty rugs to cover up the bad spots. Ya know... those rugs became a pain in the butt! I spent more time making sure they were in place, cleaned, and straight. Always worring over them, so others wouldn't see the bad spots in my floor.

That applied to myself!? huh... I always worried about my own flaws, always making sure I kept them covered. I related to how I was with my floors, to myself. I spent so much time making sure no one saw my flaws that I was driving myself plum-crazy!

I have removed my rugs now, which in return, I have less worry. I don't even pay attention to the bad spots in my floor now. I only see all the beauty everywhere else. :-)

No more trying so hard to have everything so perfect!

MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Bravo! I was like that too.

Yup, I stopped staring at the rough patches and then I began to see the prettiness of ... things..life. ;) Thanks

lucky to HAVE a house, even with bad spots in floors.

Yes, that's a fact that I do not take for granted! .... for my our "flaws", I have excepted them.