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Everything I Go Through

I'm getting older & wiser by everything I've been through,it's not easy,being a wolf,it's fun,but everything has it's limits.There are hunters,that wouldn't hesistate to kill you,you could easily lose your pack,your mate,& your friends,if your not careful,or if you don't know what your doing.It's hard,and just going to get harder,but that doesn't mean give up.Through all these things we grow wiser,as well as older & more careful.Life isn't worth not fighting for or giving up,you have friends and family(for me my wolf buds)and a mate(hopefully) to help you through.I'm not about to give up the fight for my wolf brothers and sisters,and my mate,to some hunters,or anyone else who thinks there better than us,and that we're an abomination.I will fight back,will you?
Goldpaw Goldpaw 16-17 3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

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I will fight back, and help you whenever you want

i will also help you till i die for old age


i will also help you till i die for old age