Mind Games

First let me tell you of my circumstances I am gay and I have 2 partners, we have been in our relationship for 18 years. We all came together when my partner A of 8 years and I both fell in love with another guy B

Until recently, each year for the last 18 years partner A and I have been questioning the mood, tantrums etc of partner B thinking that after much discussion and tears that we have resolved yet another upset or other. Always blaming ourselves for not doing or being or attentive enough towards partner B. Well to cut a very long story short, 8 weeks ago partner B accuses both partner A and myself of playing mind games and he doesn’t.

Well we were so flabbergasted that we just had to look up mind games on the Internet. To our horror and amazement this was everything partner B is and has been and done to us both over the last 18 years. Cutting us off from our friends and family, introducing his family, imposing stupid rules etc too much to list here.

When we confronted him with this and the lies he has told to cover his tracks, he again lies, lie after lie streamed from his lips. Till in the end we had been brow beaten into submission.

To say the least we, that is partner A and I, are in domestic violence counselling and he still lives with us, but the trust is gone we are living separate lives, well partner a and are still together supporting each other and partner B is living as if nothing has happened
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Thank you for your kindness, yes 18 years is a long time, at least partner A and myself still have each other and we have no plans for a partner C or D. As the saying goes once bitten twice shy.

I am sorry for your troubles with partner B. 18 years is a long time to be in a relationship. Maybe it is time for a partner C or D?