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Its official Christmas morning.  I've been watching with my children all day.  We've tracked Santa's whereabouts and I rushed them off to bed when he was nearing our city.    My baby boy was fast asleep before I could turn off the lights.  My daughter (Ms. Nosey Rosey) however, had every excuse you could think of to stay out of bed.  I finally announced that Santa was flying over our city and if she wasn't sleeping.... Well, Santa will have to pass over our house and try again next year.  She's enjoying her Zzzzzs now.

I'm very much in the Christmas spirit.  I still have tons of gifts to wrap so, I'll be doing that in a few more minutes.  Mr.  ICL will most likely do most of the wrapping because I'll be the first one up baking bread in the morning.

I love the way the house smells during the holiday. 

Jesus is born!!!!  Celebrate with me.  Unto us a child is born and his name shall be called Emmanuel meaning "God With Us".  I feel so much love and warmth in my heart. 

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You're not late at all Candy. This type of love lasts all year long. Thank you for stopping by. Better late than never.

I'm also late on this festive story..It's a beautiful time of year! And so joyous to celebrate with children ..ICL truly U are blessed! ~ Thank you enjoyed ~xox cAnDy!

Enya is awesome. I enjoyed the video. I may have to dust off my Enya CD and burn it to my pc. Her music was always very soothing for me. I haven't purchased any music from her since "Sail Away".

Thank you my friend for sharing. Jesus Is LORD!

Yep. It was the fulfillment of the prophesy of Isaiah (was it?). - And he shall come and he shall be called Emmanuel.

I am paraphrasing, but the message is clear.

what did you google, the carol? that's ok. it is such a nice piece with a lilting flow to it.

see/listen to Enya's rendition. />

This is the true meaning and message of christmas.




@bcj I had to google to be sure *teehee*


so funny indeed, milady.

it was in the carol "O come, O come, Emmanuel........."



@bcj The King is born and I'm not talking about Elvis or James Brown. :D


You guys had just as much fun as the children. Thats what I love about Christmas. My inner child kindda just takes over. :)


Emmanuel indeed.

love and peace

awwww pumkin that is so sweet. I do love these special moments with my children. They just grow up so fast. The magic reindeer food was creative oats and sprinkles lol.... cute! Don't children melt your heart. I never knew being a parent would bring so much joy. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you caught the fuzzies like I did this holiday season.


Ooops I ate almost all of your gumdrops. Dang sweet tooth!

I suck at baseball and golf. I will have to practice those for a while. Goodnight my friend.

Please feel free to eat as many gum drops as you wish my friend. I am not bad at wii baseball, but that is about all for me when it comes to the wii. lol I am so glad that you had such a fun "family game night". I am sorry about your daughter being hit in the head. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful friend such as you ICL. hugs..xoxoxox

hope you don't mind Luvmc11 if I take a couple of gumdrops from your house...mmmmm.... I loved gumdrops when I was a little girl.

We just finished family game night. It was cool. We played matching, Disney domino, Wii tennis then finished up with Wii Bowling. I never knew this game could be so much fun. Everything was fine until I accidently hit my daughter in the head with the remote trying to hit the tennis ball. Ooops! I paid her with root beer float. She is okay now. lol.

I am feeling very blessed right now. I have a wonderful family, and a great EP friend named Luvmc :D Thanks for reading and commenting.

It is good to read how joyful and happy you have been ICL. How wonderful that you had such a special Christmas with your family. I think I can smell that amazing homemade bread from here. lol I wish you and your loved ones a Very Blessed and Happy New Year. Thank You for sharing.


:D I so love wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. Happy Holiday Hugs to you *hugs* Thank you for stopping by. Peace to you and your wonderful family. xoxoxo

Beautiful story girl- I too was busy and wrapping on Christmas eve! The kids had a great one sounds like you did as well-peace to you and your family!