trying to clear my head.

get these thoughts away.

i've found it's easier if i get rid of those items i really dont need.

plus i get the satisfaction of possible helping someone else by donating.



gypsysoul gypsysoul
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I think thats wonderful>

Pruning has a nicer sound to it than culling, which is the word I usually use. I worked on sheets and towels this weekend, but figure that most of that stuff isn't really donatable. Only a couple of spaces left to go before I'll have been through everything my wife didn't want when she left. Now that's the sort of situation which makes me understand how cleaning out and reducing down can improve your mental space as well as your physical.<br />
<br />
Hope you keep at it; and resist the temptation to add new stuff unless it's *really* needed.