And more than Half of the ones who respond are dirty old creeps! Have they no shame! There is nothing wrong with been pretty, but to seek attention on a site where there are so many perves?! Seriously! I'm saying this because there have been many cases with abductions and more. I'm just saying, that this is getting really annoyin
Atraxiella Atraxiella
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You bring up a great point! I'm sick of those, too. And why ask a bunch of strangers and possible perverts to rate you? You really don't already know??

i agree, we should now start with men asking if they are attractive .....
(no worry, just a joke)

You've dared to discuss a great issue...hats off to you...& yes you are right...but consider it as the girls innocence/foolishness/curiosity for getting a great real man but unfortunately gets caught up by those uncivilized/uneducated/illiterate old perverts whose minds were controlled by their D***s

Ikr? You r awesome :)