Nobody ever tells me im pretty but i dnt need them to and i dnt need a mirror. I got inner beauty than shines thru and compliments my natural beauty. You ladies look within yourselves for your own validation. Heres to stong women:
May we know them may we be them and most important may we raise them.
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Shame that lots of the ones asking are under 18....

gee, you're pretty

Thank you thats so very sweet

YOU GO GURL! (ha ha ha) I like that someone is saying the same thing i have all night. *humanity restored*

I got 4 daughters. They will end up with a piece of **** husband if they dnt learn now. What better way to teach then be an example

Well like my other post I guess I'm a feminist guy xDDD I feel every woman has inner beauty despite what they look like or sound like what they wear or who they are friends with . its their iner beauty we all should look for not bust size or their looks, if we did that then what would be the point to dating just marry and its done. dating is to make those connections with the inner person. and make bonds much farther than the eye can see. If woman exspress their inner beauty then it will show and reflect their beauty on themselves.

I agree.

I guess the girls aren't all to blame but when u get on here to cry for attention then it becomes total b.s

Who wants a woman that needs validated every five minutes


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