Extremly! Ok so I couldn't post what happened at dinner last night so i will do it now followed by (later in the day) all my activities! Soooo......dinner

After 3 hours of belly rubs and digestion my hubby said right let's get u even fatter I wasn't that pleased with today u weren't round a blubbery enough. I was used to this by now so I just nodded. He heaved my 226lbs up( it may not sound like much but I look weigh bigger than my weight) then he balanced a think wooden plank on my belly( a table!!) he then went across to get dinner( after my last post I was still stuffed but I wanted to get to atleast 230lbs today)

10mins later he staggered up the tiny stairs with 2 SHOPING BAGS he said he couldn't carry everything. He laid it out....3 curries a pizza cookies a happy meal! And whipped cream he said I HAD TO finish it all or he wouldn't take me to the buffet agajn! Talk about Being force fed. So here went 4lbs (he weighed it) of food. I guzzled for a straight 30 mins and after that the table fell of my belly and wouldn't balance! I had grown to big I lay down and let my hubby feed me the rest then spray 4 cans of whipped cream in me my shorts finaly gave up and the button poped my new top barley enough room to breath. I snuggled down in my fat and went to sleep dreaming about food and being engrossed in fat (ugh right!) post what happened today later on
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4 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Your husband is a lucky man! Did you let out a loud belch after your feeding? :-)

How amazing! Makes me hungry just thinking about all that food. :) At least those 2 pieces of cake I had for brekkie help a little with that! ;)

Your hubby is a lucky man. Good luck with your gaining.

Wow, that had been some big stuffing for your stomach. I hope you enjoyed whole eating.