Love Truly Makes Blind

I never knew how love is but when i met my high school lady, the one truly love i begun to feel this blindness in me.I thought there is nothing like the world going to an end. Someone may ask what love is but i guess it is what makes a person blind and do what is disliked. I have confessions that makes me think love makes a person blind. I always had problems from my date's parents but its hard for me to leave and don't feel anything like hurt, they used to tell me step away from their daughter but this girl always pushes it up to me. Sometimes my mother would want to make me go on errand but this girl will to tell me to come by and i felt my mother's as disturbing or harassing. I don't know why parents could tell their children to stay away from another. Love cannot be easily be separated nor breakup.
I remember those days when we used to walk, talk and laugh together, sometimes go to dinner. Aw it was such a good time i ever had in my life.The time i had this lady in my life, i forgot i had friends and even wanted to leave home.I felt my senses are out of town and wandering around for window shopping. I never thought a day would come when i will realize i was going a long way in love when my date and their parents moved out to another place far away from where i stay.
derrickappiah17 derrickappiah17
18-21, M
May 17, 2012