If You Are Like Me Please Contact Me. Please.


I found this site while seeking online, again, for others who like myself walk in spiritual power.  I am desperate to find, and learn from, others like myself and  those who are much stronger in these things than myself.

Between revelatory experiences and power experiences, I have hundreds of experiences. But, most of them I did not do on purpose - but rather it just happened through me. I am very frustrated because I must learn to do these things at will so I can further my Lord's work and therefore my Father's kingdom of love, purity, salvation, etc.

If you have insight into this PLEASE contact me. You will be valued. :>)


I was an assistant pastor in Texas for about 4 years. I now live in upstate NY, where I am preparing to start an itinerate preaching ministry.

I am NOT religious, but rather very spiritual just FYI.

And, though I am experienced in occult magic/sorcery/etc, I do not have any intent to go that direction. Jesus is my Friend and my allegiance is to Him alone. ... As it should be. He is Beautiful to me and He deserves my best, which is why am hunting down other in the Body who can help me hone these gifts to His glory.

I look forward to speaking to you all.












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Thank you for your time in sending me that message of instruction. The "trinity" stuff was dynamite. Thank you for all you said.<br />
<br />
I have some questions if you do not mind.<br />
<br />
1) How many miracles, healings, etc has the Lord done through you? I certainly do not ask for the sake of some kind of ego-oriented reason, but rather so as to help understand where you are so I can get the most out of what you already have written to me. Most of what you said are things I already practice and some of what you said I am trying to understand in the light you intended it. That's why I ask.<br />
<br />
2) I have found that I can get certain things healed for people just whenever I feel like getting them healed (for example I can get people healed of viral and bacterial sickness whenever I feel like it 100% of the time, but bones and ligaments I have not yet done on purpose till this day). And, other things I can only do when I see/hear Him do it first and/or He tells me to do/say it (like knocking out groups of people with the Holy Spirit or more extreme miracles). Those times it comes SO easy and so powerfully. And then there's times I pray for someone many times and doubt every time and then the last time I "make myself believe only" and then, BAAM, the healing instantly manifests.<br />
THE QUESTION: Does this sound familiar to you? From my understanding the first of those three categories is one of my gifts operating at my command, and the second category is me being available for when the Lord wants to do something through me, and the third category is just an example of a believer getting people healed via "the prayer of faith". Does this sound accurate? Do you have any other insight on this?<br />
<br />
3) When is it the Holy Spirit speaking to me/showing me things and when is it the Son doing it, and when is it the Father? I have heard this can make a difference in understanding some things. However, I have always understood that it is simply the Holy Spirit, which is the Father, speaking to me and showing me things.<br />
<br />
4) In regards to working miracles; the key part in that term is "working". We have to work something before the Lord can manifest something. I saw a man's amputated leg begin to grow out in my hands because I jumped WAY out on a limb and in front of people said the Lord would grow it out and then I kneeled down and started to pull on his stump while commanding it to GROW! And, it started to grow and continued until my carnal mind woke up and shouted to me, "that's impossible!" it then stopped growing. My question: to work a miracle is it best to "wait for the Lord to show you what to do" or to just believe His Word and THEREFORE jump out on a limb and start physically working something while expecting Him to back it up? I've seen both work, but I've seen both fail as well. How can I be 100% at this and never fail? I ask because I have great love for people who need my God's powerful, loving touch and I hate failing Him, and them.<br />
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Thank you brother for all your time.<br />
<br />
BTW: are you in the USA?<br />
<br />
Blessings to you and yours, friend....

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