On Being Gifted

It's a bad name really, cognitive complexity is closer as a term to describe it, but it's the name the 'experts' are still using. It's about having accelerated thought processes, being able to think in the abstract, being able to think on a large scale and seeing the links in everything. It's not about being good at everything, and school probably bored the hell out of you if you're gifted too.
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Being gifted is overwhelming, can ruin your childhood and live you with an anxiety attacks as an adult(or young adult).

I'd have to agree that gifted isn't the greatest term, most people who don't know the term think you have supernatural powers or you recieve a lot of presents. Which of course isn't true, recieving gifts maybe but I wouldn't know since "gifties" are people, we aren't all the same. According to teachers gifted means high iq, of course having a higher then average iq definetly does not make you any smarter, I am a utter failure at history but I am "exceptionally" gifted. I am I guess right and left brain gifted, since I'm gifted in art and a little in music but also gifted in math and science. I think the best defintion for gifted is someone who can think outside the box and have a more complex way of thinking, then again gifties are people and aren't all the same.

wow. this is conforting. thank you. my brain can do all those things and for all of my life its been hell and i cant even sleep because my brain is so overactive and my emotions also which makes my situation a duality. all ive known is suffering for how my brain is but my doctor said i am gifted. i pick up so overwhelmingly not only the cognitive and intellectual connections and hidden meanings of a situation but also the emotional ones too.....i have ocd, anxiety, ptsd, chronic insomnia, depression and i am in constant hell!

Hi Sheekchic. I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety/depression etc. from one who has suffered enough with it herself I found meditation and mindfulness work extremely helpful, also some councelling, even one session can be enough to help you shift perspectives. This book is very helpful too: How to Lift Depression ..fast (Human Givens Approach), you can find it on Amazon or probably your library. You have a wonderful mind and deserve to live a happy and satisfying life, remember you aren't the only one and you are capable of dealing with all of these things (despite what the depressed thoughts might tell you), good luck x

Ah, I guess your right brain half is exceptionally effective :) Nice; yeah, 'tis true that gifted can mean many things; I was thinking about when one learns things faster, it tends to lean towards the natural sciences, as creative/musical brilliance etc, often shows up without lots of experience (like young Mozart). You play any musical instruments? [I play the piano, but I suck at it... :P]

Hi myspip - thanks for your comment! I used to think that to be considered gifted you would have to be some kind of maths whiz - somebody like 'malcolm in the middle', so I never considered myself to be gifted (I'm more on the creative/musical/artistic/writerly side of things. I didn't fit into the category of child prodigy etc. so I just thought I was kinda smart and probably just a little odd - I thought about very different things than my school friends and seemed to grasp ideas much quicker. A gifted person could be exceptionally good at maths, absolutely, but it's not a prerequisite. The fact that you are way ahead of them does indicate that you could be gifted though - it's worth looking into anyway - you'll learn a lot about yourself and the way you are by educating yourself on it. If you google 'gifted' the links that come up are a good start to learning more :)

Yes, agreed! So I guess you're good at math and stuff? Hmm, I'm one of the weird cases; I am at least 5 years ahead of my class mates at math, but still, I have problems dealing with very abstract mathematics that required deep insight into definitions... But I'm really good at solving problems... So I guess that I'm gifted in practical stuff. How about you?

Hi myspip, sorry I never answered you, but I see your comment now so I'll reply (4 years later! that has to be a record?). Re math, nope, I'm actually really bad at math, even simple mental arithmatic often throws me! (I am a bit dyslexic and I think this applies to numbers too, oddly). My abilities always lay with creative things, art, music, writing, cooking, insight into other peoples mental processes/emotions, seeing links and patterns in language, poetry, history, whatever - if there is a pattern or a coincidence I have a tendency to see it and form a theory/concept around it. I try not to take that tooo seriously though, or things can get a bit beautiful mind.

I imagine you don't use this any more, but if you do, I hope you're insight has deepened, it's still all practice no matter how fast our brains process :)

;) kinda - I got that too :)

My momma says I have the Gift Of Gab... does that count?? =}