Gingerism is currently the leading racism in America according to the BBC. I think its important that the Gingers ban together and form a coalition to lobby the government for more giner friendly programs. Im thinking Ginger welfare, Ginger Scholarships, Ginger Presidents. Thw winds of change are blowing and we need to stand up for ourselves. My friend Erica is graduating from college this year with a degree in Ginger studies and will be one of the leading reaserchers on this new racism. Keep up the support! Ginger Pride!
GingPride GingPride
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

ha ha brilliant! there was a terrorist plot in england recently, where some ginger supremacist guy was planning to assassinate prince william, so that Harry would be the next King!

Steal as many souls as we can while the going is good! Ginger pride!!