Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way.

Hey, i just joined and thought i would share, a bit, of my story as well.

I am "true" ginger with flaming red hair, freckles (even in the more private areas), the whitest skin etc. Though this is generally the recipe for a hard time growing up (in school and stuff) this haven't really been the case for me. Ofcourse i have been told an infinite amount of ginger jokes, even some quite creative ones, and several comments throughout the daily life in school, but i have never been excluded from anything or harrased exceptionally. I have always, since i became aware that i had an unusual apperancem been proud of it, and it really does work. At every attempt of bullying i laughed the joke off with them and replied with another joke, either about them or about something that discretely invalidated their joke. Today i live a life just as i would wish it had turned out, and I do give alot of credit to the fact that i am ginger. Simply because it has made me stand out and be proud of it rather than humor the bullies with outbursts of rage and such. The morale being, of my story, i guess will be that i know gingers aren't the standard look and are generally a look that people wish not to have, but i wouldn't want it any other way.

Hope someone finds it inspirational or helpful in any way needed, sincerely yours ;)

P.S if you need a good advice to not be ashamed by taking of your shirt on the beach and some idiot says "take it back on your blinding me!" just reply as if your doing them a favour with something like "yes, i've come to understand that you wish to be tan and the suns reflection on my skin actually helps you getting tanned by increasing the amount of light on you" or "yes, my skin is made for making others feel good about them not being so tanned" (both makes you subconsciously, and ultimately consciously, to see white skin a gift rather than a curse)
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I'm a ginger too, but not a true flaming orange color, more of a deep auburn. I have the freckles, but thankfully they are smaller and not overwhelming. I have all shades of ginger in my family, from strawberry red to dark red like my hair. My father was a redhead, so I have always found redheaded men attract my eye whenever I see them. Not all are attractive, but they do catch one's attention as they go by. Be proud! You are in the minority, and women the world over dye their hair trying to emulate us. :)