The Injustice of It

As I get older, the impact of being ginger on my personal life diminishes but my anger at how it is perceived in the UK in particular increases. It remains virtually the only characteristic, either physical or mental, that is considered "fair game" and is the only instance I can think of where the colour of something generates such revulsion.

Come the revolution ........!

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Hello, I am Brazilian living in UK and I LOVE ginger hair. I wish I had it myself instead of brown hair.<br />
Red hair is different and sexy. Freckles are hot too.<br />
I think the rest of British just envy the minority really. <br />
So if you have Red Hair be very proud and buy a ticket to Brazil for a holiday. You are going to love the attention you get there. ;).

Could it have something to do with the conflicts and ill feelings the British have had towards the Scots and the Irish, most of whom are redheads? Just a theory.....

I guess the terms are used interchangeably but ginger is used here in the UK as a derogatory term (especially with a soft "g" as in gimmick). I saw a documentary which suggested the feeling is an unusually UK phenomenon.<br />
Only reason for it I can suppose is that we are a small "different" minority and throughout history such groups have attracted ill-feeling. As other forms of discrimination become socially unacceptable, it leads to focus on the few that still are.

If by Ginger, do you mean Redheaded? I live in the US, but I have always found Red heads to be very attractive. What is the cause of such revulsion?