Tourist Bus

I live in Northern Ireland, and am a proud ginger.  One time in Belfast, a tourist bus was coming down the road, and it stopped between where I was standing, and the Famous Univeristy Building (that features on our banknotes)  the people on the top deck spotted me and took my picture instead of the building!  Just because I am tall, well build wit a big mop of flame hair and a beard!

 I think we all need to group together, especially as Hollywood picks on us (Thin Syndrome in the Incredibles...thats what my hair is like..but why are gingers bad guys? ) 


I want to prove the stereotype wrong!


Watch my audition for a place in an advert for California and vote if possible.  Spread the word and help out a fellow ginger!

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

i am ginger, and yes i actually am faster angry and stuff but thats because i am getting bullied as hell so i just want to bully those bulliyng ******** and KICK THEIR ******* ***.

Im irish and i love redheads. The cute little kids with their red hair and freckles melt my heart.