What Would You Do With One Million Dollars? And You Only Have 24 Hours To Spend It Or Return It.

  If I had one million dollars, I would buy a plane and travel to France, Italy, and Greece. Stay in the best hotels, eat at fine restuarants, and buy expensive cars in each country.  I will purchase a mink coat, and othes, and fine art.  I would buy top designer  clothes, and expensive jewelry to wear around town.    Drink all the champagne I can tolerate without getting to intoxicated so that I won't  fall asleep.  Invite a few friends to join me to party before the 24 hours are over.  Give them a couple of presents that they always wanted to have. And just to share the wealth since I have to spend it! I would go around the poor and buy something they own and pay for it with the money I have left.
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5 Responses Sep 14, 2010

i would buy stocks so i could spend it all and then turn around and sell them so i would still have a Million dollars. ; )

Good answer since stocks go up and down in value. Just remember that playing the market is not a sure thing. It's a gamble and you can lose your cash just as easily.

Nah i would go low risk. lol

I would surely help your cause to make life easier and better. Thanks for your response to this question. It's good to know that not everyone is selfish with the wealth they get.

pay off house,car,moms debts,sound studio equipment,then donate rest to feed starving people of our earth.

Nice that you also put others in your thoughts and sharing the wealth is good for the soul.

You are a true saver I was taking about life in twenty-four hours and then it's all gone. I would do the same thing in this circumstances if we had more days to live. Thank you for response.

You forgot the new house in which to store your new found wealth items. Just to say, i wouldnt need 24 hours to spend it. 5 minutes sat in a seat is long enough for me. I have it spent already if i ever have that type of money.xxx

I would think it through before I spend the wealth.