$1.97 In Iowa.. now $1.84; $1.77; $1.75; $1.51; $1.49

WOOHOO... I put 25.00 in and filled up my TANK!!! :D

I know I know your jealous... I would be too :D LMBO


it keeps goin down and down... woohoo :D

They are even talkin about gas going down too $1.00

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MAN --- I wish I could go back in time.... Cause now gas is 3 + dollars. 3.28 right now. ! smh

Sorri ive been gone... but gas is that cheap... Matter of fact its $1.84 now :D

Do you have a teeny tiny tank, or is gas like just a dollar a gallon???

it is i think for the most part... or maybe its just around here... but I went to a website to see gas prices nation wide... it was pretty koo

You Can Move Here If You Want... HeHe

Awww Sorri I'm hopin tomorrow it goes down... Its been goin down everyday... Sum times a couple a day... :] WOOHOO