18th Day 2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life.

71/2 years ago,when our good friend Jacson extend his generosity to rent us his apartment at a discounted rental,we were so grateful.It is a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 bathrooms.We rented 2 bedrooms out and only have to pay utilities bill.Its a great deal then as we were making ends meet.We spent very little time at home as we have to get as much work as possible.21/2 years later i was diagnosed with adrenal insufficency and its attachments off illness.I have osteoarthritis for 28 years also.My whole world collapsed.Suddenly from a healthy person i have to take so many medications.I am a person with a high pain threshold and not on painkiller for 28 years of osteoarthritis.The steriod has cause me to gain weight progressively and my knees are getting more pain.I confined myself in our bedroom.Philip will prepare and served my 3 meals in my bedroom.He created a pantry corner for me as the kitchen is a distance away.Our office is also in my bedroom.All these changes when i decided to CHANGE MY LIFE.We re-organised the apartment besides the 2 rented rooms.Our office is now in the living room.Dining is no longer in the bedroom.Pantry stays but bought a nice cabinet.We also bought a nice book shelf as my books were in boxes stacked away.We do with what we have and bought what is necessary.The last 48 days were fantastic as never a day pass without surprises and blessings. I finally left my "COCOON"
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Till now it certainly is and will be in the future too.We are embracing every minute of the day.Now at 2.15am in the morning he is listening to his music and i am on EP.Hugs and Peace.

Thank you my dear friend for dropping by.Have a blessed day.

Yah! Good for you.<br />
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Thanks for sharing this very inspiring story