Ain't It The Truth

I have thought many times over the course of my life, how happy I am that my mind is nothing like my mouth. It is a private place where I think all my deep dark thoughts. I can lock down my fantasies never speaking them out loud. I can hold tight to the memory of what it felt like to be with my ex and use that when the sex with my husband is not work.
I am thankful that the thoughts of how much I hate my mother are things no one else can see. I am glad to have that one place where I can be me. Legs spread instead of ankles crossed, cigarette in hand instead of clasped hands, and I speak my mind instead of keeping it to myself. I am able to be the woman I want to be. I am able to think of where I want to be and go there instead of listening to my coworkers and their obsessive whining. I can even tune out the girls when they are going on and on about how great some guy is looking when we've all be over served.
If I had to share my thoughts with anyone else, I would surely be the rude, crazy, and most likely violent person I sometimes play out in my mind.
POMomma POMomma
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

wow, sounds like you have two sides to yourself... i suppose it is good to be able to share about this without anyone knowing! I think we all have this within ourselves. the parts we play for others to be nice, respectable, and accepted, and the parts we have hidden from everyone else that we know only for ourselves.